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Protect your computer
Protect yourself
1. Virus - Duplicate and damage (dont open .exe , .bat, .vbs, .com). They tamper with the user's computer settings without their knowledge. When activated, a virus will cause damage to files, cause un-unsual computer behavior and/or display reocurring messages.
2. Trojan - "The Oddessy" by Homer
- waits for a date or an event then does damage. Trojans will disguise themselves from games to utilities to email attatchments.The damage a trojan can cause varies. They may send emails to everyone in your address book or even steal personal information (E.g passwords, data files).
3. Worms - slowley destroys - data
Worms will slowly work their way through your comuter. At first it will be unrecognizable but soon lead to the point where it is visible by creating catastrophy upon your computer.

"The Oddessy" written by Homer is about a war between Greeks and Trojans. Greek and Trojans declared war on each other. The Greeks couldnt defeat the Trojans. The Greeks then left a big wooden horse outside for the Trojans. The Trojans portrayed the horse as a gift from the Greeks declearing defeat therefore it meant the Trojans had won. After thinking they won the war, all the Trojans got drunk. At night, the Greeks (hidden inside the wooden horse) came out of the horse and slaughterd all the Trojans while they were asleep, tired and drunk. The Trojans were attacked off-gaurd.

V[]ruses - V[]ruses come in different shapes and sizes. Some will do minor damage but others can do things you couldn't even imagine. Some v i r u s e s may cause minor technical difficulties but others can do massive destruction such as not even letting you turn on your computer. V [] r u s e s are coming more commonly these days so you should download an anti-v[]rus scanner as soon as possible !


T r o j a n s - T r o j a n s usually wait for a specific time or date and then cause catastrophe towards your computer.

Try avoiding opening files, watch what you downloading and scan files before opening which give you a less chance of getting a T r o j a n(s)

Haxers - Haxers use \/ruses, Trojans and worms if they interact with your computer. Haxers usually get in and play around with your computer settings. They leave a disastrous path. To block Haxers, you simply need a anti\/i ru s scanner and a firewall preventing haxers getting in. The could possibly still get into your computer though. Try and avoid opening files from strangers and be careful of what you download. Scan the file before you open it or there will be consequences.


Firewall - A fire wall is very handy and is recommended that everyone has a firewall of some sort installed on their computer. A firewall is used to stop software and people hcking your computer. Some Firewalls are more effective then others but you should have at least some sort of firewall. Firewalls can be enabled and disabled through your control panel. You wont need a firewall all the time since some programs need you to disable your firewall in-order to run that particular program. For example, online games may need you to disable your firewall.

Anti-\/iru s/Spy ware Scanner - Anti \/iru s and Anti Spy ware scanners are very useful. Again, some are more effective then others. These scanners will scan your computer for \/iru ses and spy ware and then it will delete it from your computer leaving you \/iru s/s py war free !!


Files NOT to Open ...
.ex e
.ba t
.vb s
.co m
It is recommended NOT to open these types of files. Opening these files can cause disasters. They may contain many disruptive programs which will effect your computer.

Spy_\/\/are - They are are files which watch EVERYTHING you do. Some aren't as dangerous as others but they usually are. Minor things are things such as cookies. Though some cookies can also watch things such as you doing online banking. That's where the black-hats take over. They then find your username and password for bank accounts and wipe your account clean !


Makes sure you consistently update your firewall, Use a program which prevents many problems for your computer. It is important to update because then people cant access your computer as easily. To update ... go to ..
Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Windows Update

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