Program for 2017

Examples of students work, compressed

Useful links to take good pics and examples of good pics
Trip to Zoo
10 Top Photography Composition Rules

Advanced course in Photography by Pete Richards - taking the auto off.


Task No Task Type Task Description Content When
1 Production Power Point Portfolio Introduction Power Point Portfolio Introduction Week 5
2 Production Portfolio 2 Rules of Composition Portfolio 2 Week 9
3 Response Portfolio 2 Photography as Art Portfolio 2 Week 9


1Planning your pictures - paper and pen.

Why take a picture?
Who is the picture for, target audience?
The importance of planning your picture.
When you haven't got time to plan?

2 Principles of photography

Third. third, third rule.
Light - natural and flash
Off centre rule
Zoom and macro functions

3 Digital Revolution

Mega pixels, what does it mean?
Size matters, when I need it big when I don't, printing and internet friendly.

4 Editing your image with software.

5 File formats, tiff, jpg giff, what they are and when I use them.

6 What do I do with my pictures?

Digital Portfolio on the internet, thumbnails and big things with broadband.
A4 file folder with my planning and a selection of my best photos printed.